The benefits

Bushcraft is about giving an individual confidence in their own abilities. It stimulates an awareness of their surroundings and awakens the senses. It is a journey of discovery and instils a love of nature and a sense of responsibility of the natural environment.

Learn it, live it, love it.


             The essence of bushcraft

Young people and shared interest groups.

The core skills of surviving and living in the natural world are about meeting the basic needs for; water, food, shelter and warmth. Developing these skills that make living outside easier without relying on modern technologies is empowering and builds confidence. Gaining a deep knowledge and understanding of the natural world is key to being able to sustainably use natural resources- whether it is for eating, medicine, finding water, making shelter, lighting fires or craftwork. Skills include; ecology, species identification, tracks and signs, folklore and medicinal uses of plants, wildlife stalking and watching.

Answer the call of the wild

We have run a number of groups for young people that are fun and informative. Safety and inclusion are paramount. We can cater for special needs groups with leaders. Just tell us your requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs and give your group an enjoyable experience.

Based at stunning locations in the Yorkshire Pennines and Cumbria. We offer courses that will show you new skills and give you the knowledge and confidence to go into the outdoors and not only survive but thrive. All our courses are practical, safe and fun. They are suitable for individuals, families or groups. Whether you're a single parent looking for new ideas that don't involve being on-line, a grandparent who wants to wow the grandkids with your firelighting skills or just someone who's watched TV survival 'experts' and wants to learn how they do it. Then we have a course to suit you.


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