Richard is a life long mountaineer and walker with six years experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He loves being in wild places and testing himself with whatever nature has in store. "it's about learning to thrive not just survive" is his view.

Richard has a background in working with disadvantaged and troubled children and knows the benefits of being in the outdoors and the positive effect it has on the well-being of those who struggle with routines and boundaries.

Joe is a keen hill walker and with six years experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He has a passion for ancient cultures and practices, from Mesolithic through to Viking. Joe has spent time with Native American people of the Blackfeet tribe in Montana. His specialist skills are firelighting and foraging.

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The instructors are DBS checked and have remote locations First Aid certificates 

Brigantia is the term often given to the regional land inhabited by the Brigantes (translated as 'the high ones'), an iron-age tribe which occupied  territory across a large area of what is now northern England. From the River Tyne down to the Humber in the east, across the Pennines to the River Lune and down to the Mersey on the west coast, forming the largest Brythonic Kingdom in ancient Britain.

Around 43 AD when the Brigantes were first recorded by the Romans, Brigantia consisted of mossland, marshes and ancient forests. such as the Forest of Lyme and the Forest of Bowland. At the time they would have been wild and filled with animals including: eurasian brown bear, wild boar, bison, wolves  deer, beaver, elk and the mighty Auroch.